BMW S 1000 XR


BMW’s first adventure sports bike which combines the best of all worlds, the BMW S 1000 XR is the ultimate choice for anyone who is looking for added comfort and performance in one bike. You will no longer need to stop for that micro dose of CBD oil to alleviate the pain on long journeys.

The powerful and agile four-series cylinder in combination with the improved chassis and suspension provides you with the ultimate performance with a dynamic response. Perfect choice for the long drives, this sports bike can be taken out in all-weather types without any damping in the performance.


  • The strong character front and the split face highlights its firm roots in the sporting segment
  • Gold-anodized upside-down fork with 41 mm inner diameter. Ensures more accurate and precise steering
  • A digital LCD multifunctional instrument cluster ensures all information is displayed to you
  • Adjustable windscreen ensure comfort even in high-performance conditions
  • Enjoy the ultimate long routes experience with ergonomically designed seats
  • Rubber coating in the tank area ensures attention to minute details


  • Maximum speed – Over 200 km/h
  • Fuel Consumption per 100 km – 6.7l


  • 6-speed synchromesh gear system with spur gears
  • Mechanically operated multi-layered disc clutch


Water-cooled, in-line four-cylinder and four-stroke engine with four valves per cylinder, and a double overhead camshaft for increased control

Other Features:

  • Twin-disc brakes
  • Adjustable and transparent windscreen
  • Ignition and steering lock
  • Storage compartment
  • One-key system for all mechanisms
  • Adjustable handbrake lever

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