BMW G 310 GS


A machine that promises to make every journey a wild adventure, the BMW G 310 GS is a perfect motorcycle for the adventure freaks and the nature lovers and avid bass fishermen. Built for your everyday routine, this beast is as comfy as a recliner and can traverse through any kind of path with superior ease.

With a monstrous engine of 313 cc capacity, the BMW G 310 GS ensures that you conquer every day and make an adventure out of life. You can even fit a hospital bag on the back for that emergency trip.


  • Gold-anodized upside-down fork with 41 mm inner diameter. Ensures more accurate and precise steering
  • A windscreen to complete the look of a superbike
  • Accomplished suspension elements such as the spring and damper ensure smoother ride in the toughest of terrains.
  • Relaxed and stress-free riding, thanks to the typical GS ergonomics seat positioning
  • Gold brake callipers to assist ABS for outstanding power and safety
  • Power delivered by an innovative one-cylinder four-stroke engine


  • Maximum speed – 143 km/h
  • Fuel consumed per 100 km – 3.33l


  • The 6-speed synchromesh gear system
  • Mechanically operated multi-layered disc clutch


High capacity liquid cooled, four-stroke engine, having four valves per cylinder and a double overhead camshaft. Regulated three-way catalytic converter for emission control which is in compliance with the EU4 emission standard

Other Features:

  • LED rear lights
  • Luggage carrier
  • Stainless steel exhaust

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