The Dangers of Smoking While Riding a Motorcycle


Vaping or smoking while riding a motorcycle is an emerging trend, especially among young riders. Generally, motorcycle riders have always invoked a rebellious image. However, many people might find it difficult to comprehend why someone would smoke while riding a motorcycle. For the young riders doing it, it is YOLO.  However, these are terrible combinations, and many of them don’t understand the risks they are subjecting themselves to with this habit. Fortunately, information is power, so let’s give these young riders a little power and enlighten them with Eurovap Laval why following that ‘vaping on a motorcycle’ TikTok trend is a bad idea.

Vaping or smoking

It’s Dangerous

First of all, it is simply dangerous to smoke or vape while riding a motorcycle. The smoke or vapor from the vape pen or cigarette blows back to your eyes when riding. You can accurately guess what happens when you cannot see while riding a motorcycle with a cigarette or vape pen in your hand.

Flicking the ash away is also a challenge. The rider has to choose between flicking away the ash or hitting the emergency brake to avoid a collision. What happens when the rider can’t flick away the excess burning embers of the cigarette?

The burning embers might find their way onto your clothing and it might burn through. This can then cause you to make sudden pain responses that could lead to losing control of the motorcycle.

One hand on the throttle, one hand holding a cigarette, burning amber on your legs, and smoke blowing in your eyes; that does not seem safe, does it? Smoking and vaping while riding increases the risks of getting into an accident.

It’s a Distraction

Any distraction puts a motorcycle rider in a vulnerable position. Holding a cigarette or a vape while riding is a distraction and reduces the rider’s concentration. It divides the attention of the rider and reduces his or her ability to react quickly on the road.

The hand holding the vape is also of no use in the event a dangerous incident occurs. Making and reacting to split-second decisions becomes a nightmare. It also makes it difficult to navigate and maintain a safe riding margin, especially in hectic traffic conditions.

Even without smoking and vaping, accidents involving motorcycles increase every year. The results are tragic in serious accidents. Adding smoking to an already vulnerable rider is a death wish.

Understanding why people vape and smoke while riding motorcycles is difficult to understand. Some do it because they are rebellious; others do it because it is the latest internet trend. In contrast, others simply do it because they love smoking while riding.

Final Thoughts

Smoking is not good for your health, and doing it while riding on a motorcycle makes it worse. It is irresponsible to have a cigarette in one hand and the other hand on the throttle. It is not safe for the rider and other road users. Smokeless vapes are not safe either. If you still want to vape, do not do it on a moving motorcycle.

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