What You Need to Know About Starting a Motorcycle Club


Motorcycle Club

Motorcycle clubs have symbolized camaraderie among riders. Primarily, motorcycle clubs are set up to foster socialization among members. They meet and ride together wearing custom t shirts Vancouver on a regular basis. For some, joining a motorcycle club is enough to experience the purpose of the club. However, for others, joining isn’t just enough – they want to create and run one on their own.

Basically, starting a motorcycle club could come as simple as having regular meetings and riding together. Aiming for a club with a formal degree of organization can be tricky, especially for anyone with zero experience. Proper planning is the key. Here is a guide to what you need to learn about starting a motorcycle club.

Have A Clear Purpose

Surely, motorcycle clubs are just like any other clubs out there. Establishing a club for a greater purpose, however, is a different thing.

A motorcycle club with a clear vision, mission, and goals is likely to sustain over time. When the club’s intent is clear and purposeful, more people will be inspired and encouraged to join. Consequently, the club becomes socially relevant.

Do Your Research

Know about your local motorcycle community. Competition is sure to exist. This means that you should craft your mission statement that will set your club apart and different from others. Always be mindful and respectful to the clubs that might have existed longer or have had a stronger reputation.

When you do your research, consider the following:

  • Location of your club
  • Dominant club existing in the same location/community of your club
  • Existing motorcycle club/s in the area
  • Ideas and values that your motorcycle club will represent
  • Recruitment strategies
  • Requirements for membership
  • Stipulate the brand and kinds of motorbikes accepted in the club
  • Projected number of members
  • Strategies to uphold and foster the values that your club represents

Use Name-Branding And Symbolism

Have a well-thought name and theme of your club. Usually, the theme is based on the commonalities that will bring the members together.

Establish a unique symbol that represents your club’s vision, mission, and goals. This could also be the club’s badge. Therefore, be sure to create a symbol that is unique to your club.

Craft The Necessary Documents

This requires the club’s mission statement and bylaws necessary to make your club official. This includes the club’s purpose, the membership application process, organizational structure, schedule of meetings, fund handling, election of officers and socially relevant programs.

Form The Club

Strategize how you can encourage people to join the club. This can be done using print and online promotions, social gatherings, and the like.

Also, members should be recognized. One way to set up a member’s identity is through using custom T-shirts that reflect the club’s brand.

Once the minimum number of members is achieved, you may appoint or elect a set of officers for the club. This would basically include:

  • President
  • Vice-President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Auditor

You can then set up meetings for the planning of activities.

Get Registered

Register your club as a non-profit organization in your locale. Provide a proposal that includes:

  • Club mission statement
  • Organizational structure and assigned individuals
  • Club bylaws

Organize Events

Now that the club is socially active, it must serve its purpose and uphold its values. Organize activities that would increase membership growth and retention.

You can also organize fundraising activities. This will not only build the club’s financial resources, but this will also increase goodwill in the community.

Plan thoroughly the fundraiser activity. The schedule should be properly aligned, and always have something for the participants. This is usually done with custom T-shirts with the club’s name.

Make sure to take time in planning your motorcycle club and in executing these plans. Be sure to be persistent, especially in terms of community outreach activities. This will help your club create a good name in the community as well as attract more members and a larger following.

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